Scrub Sponge
Scrub Sponge
Scrub Sponge

Scrub Sponge

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This 100% plastic-free sponge is a great alternative to the tons of plastic sponges thrown away each month! This cellulose sponge(wood pulp) is made with coconut fibers bonded with natural latex and stitched with no glue! 

This sponge is non-scratch and gentle on surfaces for any type of cleaning! 

Swap For

The best replacement for a plastic sponge! Simply wet the sponge slightly, add your favorite soap and wash away!


A mix of natural coconut fibers and cellulose stitched with 100% cotton. Shipped in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

Brand: Happy Husks

End of Use

This sponge is 100% compostable and can be placed in your compost! The paper wrapping around the sponge is curbside recyclable.