What is the One Stop Eco Shop? 

The One Stop Eco Shop is an online sustainable zero waste store. We look to encourage everyone to lower their carbon footprint by transitioning their current lifestyle to a low waste one! We offer everything from beauty to kitchen supplies without all the plastic! 

What is a zero waste lifestyle? 

We believe that living a zero waste lifestyle should be as affordable and accessible to everyone as possible! In order to stay as zero waste as possible we encourage our customers to avoid disposable products and change from one time use plastics to sustainable, long lasting items. 

What type of products can I find at your store? 

The One Stop Eco Shop carries the most sustainable and useful items available! We strive to carry only ethically sourced, sustainable, and zero waste products! 

Shipping information: 

How do you ship packages with little to no waste?

All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable.

Here at the One Stop Eco Shop we ship all of our products in a post-consumer cardboard box with paper wrapping and tape. All of these materials are recyclable and compostable. 

Do you offer international shipping? 

Yes! We want to make our products available to anyone looking to reduce their waste!  International orders will be shipped by USPS First Class or Priority Mail International. 

How often do you ship?  When will my package arrive? 

Due to our limited staff as we are a small business, we will ship out all orders every Monday and friday. If your package is placed before a certain time on either of those days, your package will be shipped that day. 

Can I get free shipping? 

We do not offer free shipping at this time. Shipping rates are based on the calculated rates. However, we may offer free shipping for promotions and or sales!

I changed my mind, can I cancel my order?

Due to the harmful environmental impact and CO2 emissions associated with returning goods we urge our customers to do plenty of research before buying our products. This ensures that you are making a valued purchase and not impulse buying. Not only will it save the planet but save your bank as well! 


What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns or issue refunds for any of our products. If you experience any issues with your products please contact us immediately.

My product came broken and or damaged?

Please contact us immediately and take a photo of your product. We will work with you and figure out what went wrong and help any way we can! 


I am interested in selling my products on the One stop eco shop. What should I do?

Please email for more info! Make the subject of the email VENDOR and we will get back to you as soon as possible!