Moso Bamboo Shelf
Moso Bamboo Shelf
Moso Bamboo Shelf
Moso Bamboo Shelf

Moso Bamboo Shelf

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This shelving, made from Moso bamboo, is the perfect resting spot for your dishwashing soap, body soap, or shampoo and conditioner bars! 

This is a great addition to your bathroom or sink for your soap instead of keeping it on a towel or paper towel. Place any soap of your choosing on the shelf.

Make sure to place this shelf in an area where it can drain or elevate to keep out of standing water. It will need replacement with time. Each soap dish typically lasts several months but this will vary depending on your placement, whether you allow it to sit in water, and your climate and humidity.


Moso bamboo (This product will come wrapped in recycled paper that can be composted or put in recycling). 

Brand: No Tox Life

Care & End of Use:

Bamboo naturally decomposes so this item can be composted at the end of its life. All other packaging materials can be either recycled or composted.